Did you know that Katniss and I spent almost every night together on the train? She would sleep in my arms. She loves to press up against me when I spoon her. I love those boy shorts and tank tops she wears to bed. Oh…wait…you haven’t seen those.
What I imagine hijacked Peeta tells Gale in D13. (via everlarkedalways)

Reminds me of this fan fiction:

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The one thing I think every time I re-read Gayle Forman’s If I Stay is that I want to be the kind of parents that Mia has

They are the most accepting and badass people and there are so many aspects of their personalities that I connect with

Lord knows it’ll be a few years before I do have kids, but when the time comes- thanks to gayleforman- I have the perfect picture in my head of who I want to be